The EaseCentral system is able to display rider options to employees as they complete their enrollments. If a plan includes rider options, these can be added under the benefit plan's Profile tab.

Click the box next to SHOW RIDERS? to enable. Once enabled, you can add riders under the Riders tab by clicking Add Rider. Field details can be found below.

Enter an ADMIN NAME. The ADMIN NAME is only viewed by system administrators and not by employees.

Enter a Name which will be viewed by employees.

Enter the Code which is provided by the carrier. If there is no code provided nor needed, enter in the same data that was added to the Name field.

Add the monthly Rate.

Add the Employer Contribution dollar amount.

REQUIRE ENROLLMENT is used when an employee does not have the option of waiving the rider.

Add rider details in the Description.

Click Add Rider once complete.

When the employee enrolls, they will have the option to enroll in the Rider.

Enrollment in riders will show up on the Enrollment Summary and Plan Census report.