Companies with TASC as their COBRA vendor can easily set up an integration with EaseCentral to make managing COBRA activity effortless.  There is no fee for this integration.  Enable TASC in the Marketplace of your agency portal first to be able to enable on a specific employer group.

If you are ready to integrate, please complete the attached EDI Application and email the completed form to

Once set up, EaseCentral will send TASC any initial notification or qualifying event automatically on regularly scheduled report files.   The company administrator only needs to use EaseCental as normal for the COBRA transactions to send.  

Before proceeding with an integration, brokers should ensure that all employees within EaseCentral are updated with these data elements:


First Name

Last Name

Birth Date


Hire Date

Follow the checklist and refer to the TASC COBRA Integration Guide for detailed step-by-step instruction.  



  • Build all COBRA eligible plans in EaseCentral

  • Mark plans as COBRA eligible

  • Ensure required fields are populated for all employees (SSN, First&Last Name, Birth Date, Address, Hire Date)

  • Enable TASC in Marketplace

  • Receive TASC Account Structure from (includes TASC Client ID)

  • Verify EaseCentral plans match TASC Account Structure


  • Begin setup in Marketplace (Marketplace > Get Started > Next)

  • Enter TASC Client ID (Marketplace >  Setup)

  • Select files from MANAGE COBRA FILES

  • Add Partner Codes

    • COBRA CSA Id

    • COBRA Plan Name Codes

    • COBRA Coverage Level Codes


  • Verify all Partner Codes are added

  • Notify TASC setup is complete by replying to email

  • Continue manual entry with TASC until TASC confirms files are in production


  • Build new plans in EaseCentral
  • Request new TASC COBRA Account Structure from TASC (
  • Add new Partner Codes in Marketplace if necessary
  • Update existing Partner Codes with new plans built in EaseCentral
  • NOTE:  If an employee is terminated after open enrollment changes have been made, the termination from the closed plan will not be sent on the TASC integration file.  These transactions must be processed manually in the TASC portal.

Important:  All initial notifications and qualifying events must continue to be manually entered with TASC until TASC informs the broker/client that the integration is in production.  This notification will not come from EaseCentral and any notifications from EaseCentral should not be considered as notification that TASC has moved the integration to production.

Because COBRA notifications are time-sensitive, the broker and/or client must check their TASC web portal routinely to verify all initial notifications and qualifying events have been processed.

For additional support contact your TASC Regional Sales Director or email

EaseCentral and TASC partner to integrate Flex products.  Please see TASC Flex Integration for more information.

If this is your first time setting up this integration or you need additional support, please schedule a 20-minute live training session with our Integrations team.