Documents requiring review can easily be added in EaseCentral.

Required documents can be added under Onboarding and Notifications.

Documents can also be set as required review under the Documents tab on plans.

Click on Upload to add a document. This will allow you to drag and drop the document, or you can simply click to upload.

Once added, you can set the document as required to review. If Onboarding is enabled, you can also require the employee to sign. Please note that signature required will capture the date the employee signed the document. A signature is not applied nor mapped to the document.

The Required Report, found on the Documents > Library > Actions > Required Report page can be generated to determine which employees have viewed or signed documents that REQUIRE REVIEW or REQUIRE SIGNATURE and on what date.

The report has two tabs:

  1. Overview - provides employee name, hire date, status, organization types, email, and dates that the employee reviewed/signed any required documents. Terminated employees will be included on this tab.
  2. Action Required - lists all active employees that have outstanding items to review or sign.

Employees who have not yet reviewed or signed required documents can be messaged via Company > Documents > Library > Actions > Message Employees.