freshbenies gives employers and their employee's practical tools to control their healthcare (and more)…in one easy membership for $10 or less per month, per family.Contain costs and increase access to care with telehealth, doctors online, advocacy, Rx savings and more (all at no cost to the member).The freshbenies Member Engagement System drives 71% utilization across freshbenies services.

freshbenies plan types available in EaseCentral are:

  • Telemedicine

How to Enabled freshbeneies 

1. Enable freshbenies in the broker Marketplace.

2. Enable freshbenies in the client Marketplace.

3. freshbenies will approve within 24-48 hours.

4. Complete the freshbenies List Bill Agreement Click Here

How to Access freshbenies Plan Library

5. Select Benefits on the left-hand navigation.

6. Select Actions from the top navigation.

7. Select Add a New Plan.

8. Choose the (freshbenies) POWER Package plan from the Library drop-down menu. (Important: Please leave the plan Admin Name as is)

9. Add the Effective Date of the plan. (example 9/1/2018)

10. Adjust Rates based on group size, as needed. (Note: The Rates default to the small group rate of $10.00)

     Price varies by group size:

  • $12.00 - 5-99 employees
  • $ 11.50 - 100-999 employees
  • $ 11.00 - 1,000+ employees

11. Select Riders (Add-ons)

    For each Employer Paid Add-on, follow the steps below.

  • 1. Select Edit
  • 2. Check Require Enrollment? Yes 
  • 3. Change Employer Contribution with rate

Voluntary Add-ons, no change required.

Note: There are 2 LifeLock options (Individual or Family), the employee should only select one.

Important: The List Bill Agreement must be completed before enabling the group's data feed.

Once the plans are added and employees have elected benefits, the enrollment data can be submitted to freshbenies in EaseCentral. The first submission is completed in EaseCentral, and scheduled reports with changes will be automatically sent on a regular basis.

How to Enable the Data Feed for a group

1. Select Benefits on the left-hand navigation

2. Select Partners from the top navigation

3. Click on Manage by freshbeneis 

4. Select Next

6. Choose Plans to Submit  (Example - Telemedicine)

7. Select Next

If you need assistance, please reach out to