EaseCentral and The Advantage Group are partnering to bring consumer-driven benefits to
brokers and employers across the country.

Founded in 1985, The Advantage Group offers administrative and enrollment solutions that are
user-friendly for both benefit specialists and employees. They offer flexible spending accounts
(FSA), health reimbursement accounts (HRA), health savings accounts (HSA), commuter
benefits, COBRA administration, and retirement solutions. And since the money used to fund
these services are not taxed, participants can save 25% to 40% on healthcare related

Brokers and employers who offer consumer-driven benefits with EaseCentral and The
Advantage Group will have the ability to customize their plans, such as choosing the amount
allocated in an HRA for each employee. A TAG mobile app makes using the elected benefits
convenient for employees.

The Advantage Group plan types available in EaseCentral are: 

  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Health Savings Account
  • FSA Health Care
  • FSA Dependent Care
  • Transit
  • Parking
  • All COBRA Eligible Benefits


  • The integration is free
  • The Advantage Group example fee schedule is listed below (COBRA, FSA, HRA, etc)
    • For pricing inquiries, please contact TAG at (877) 506-1660 or email support@enrollwithtag.com

Initial setup required for COBRA eligible benefits.

  • Mark plan(s) as COBRA eligible

Once set up, EaseCentral will send TAG any initial notification or qualifying event automatically on regularly scheduled report files. The company administrator only needs to use EaseCental as normal for the COBRA transactions to send.  

How to Enable The Advantage Group for Your Groups

1. Enable The Advantage Group in the broker Marketplace.

2. Enable The Advantage Group in the client Marketplace.

3. The Advantage Group will approve within 24-48 hours. (You will be notified via email)

Once the plans are added and employees have elected benefits, the enrollment data can be submitted to TAG in EaseCentral. COBRA will be automatically sent after selecting the files and the first submission for flex benefits must be manually completed in EaseCentral (all eligible employees will be included in the initial file feed). And, scheduled reports with changes will be automatically sent to TAG every Friday (7 am PT).

How to Enable the Data Feed for a Group (COBRA eligible benefits)

1. Select Benefits on the left-hand navigation

2. Select  Partners from the top navigation

3. Click Manage for The Advantage Group 

4. Select Next

5. Provide the Client ID (Employer Name) and assign the applicable COBRA files 

And, you're done! No additional steps are needed if you are only working with COBRA.

How to Enable the Data Feed for a Group (HSA, HRA, FSA, Transit, and Parking)

1. Select Benefits on the left-hand navigation

2. Select Partners from the top navigation

3. Click Manage for The Advantage Group 

4. Select Next

5. Setup tab: The Client ID and Manage COBRA File fields are only required when submitting COBRA eligible benefits. Otherwise, please leave these fields blank. 

6. Select Next

7. Choose Plans to Submit

9. Select Next

And, you're done!

Renewal/Open Enrollment 

  • Build new plans in EaseCentral

  • Send new plans/rates to The Advantage group 

  • Do not close current plans early

For more information, please contact The Advantage group at (877) 506-1660 or email support@enrollwithtag.com.