In this workshop, you'll build a portal for a fictional company, Acme Hotel. You're provided with all the eligibility and benefits information to build the portal. You're given the plan designs, summaries, enrollment forms, and lots more.

This workshop is best for new users to EaseCentral who want a hands-on guided learning experience on how to build a portal. It does not cover every component of EaseCentral, but provides a solid foundation. After completing the workshop, you'll be confident in how to build a portal so you can begin building portals for your clients! Your Customer Success Manager will be able to guide you to additional resources custom to your needs. If this virtual workshop is not your style of learning, refer to our New Broker Training  or Recorded Training Program solutions or contact your Customer Success Manager.

To get started, download the Broker Virtual Workshop Guide (also available for download at the bottom of this page). Each section is accompanied by a how-to video that provides additional valuable information.  Save the Video Playlist to your favorites for easy access. Links to resources that you'll need along the way are included in the guide. However, if you're unable to access the links, we've also included all these resources in a .zip file that you can download at the bottom of this page.

In this virtual workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • setup a company portal
  • build and configure Medical, HSA, Basic Life, Voluntary Life, and Disability plans
  • use the EaseCentral Rate Library
  • find and select Enrollment Forms in EaseCentral
  • configure contributions to display for different eligibility classes
  • require employees to enroll in a benefit
  • display a plan only when employees enroll in another plan
  • restrict displaying a plan to a segment of the employees
  • create a Document Library
  • prompt employees to review notifications
  • customize the fields displayed to employees
  • set the order that plans display
  • create a custom field
  • add messaging and videos to display to employees during enrollment
  • add a company's logo and a background image
  • test the portal thoroughly
  • import employees
  • send logins to employees

At the end of the workshop, you're provided additional resources on:

  • plan setup tips
  • open enrollment best practices
  • reports
  • managing changes
  • compensation statements
  • requesting new forms
  • onboarding
  • HRIS
  • ACA
  • payroll integrations
  • voluntary benefit integrations
  • EDI feeds
  • the EaseCentral Marketplace