Alliance provides families with industry-leading no co-pay telemedicine services, legal and travel assistance, ID theft resolution services, plus college scholarship and grant programs.

Alliance Direct Benefits plan types available in EaseCentral are:

  • Discount Program

How to Enable Alliance Direct Benefits

1. Enabled Alliance Direct Benefits in the broker Marketplace.

2. Enable Alliance Direct Benefits in the client Marketplace.

3. Approval will be provided on receipt of Alliance Direct Benefits the List Bill Agreement 

How to access Alliance Direct Benefits Plan Library

1. Select Benefits

2. Select Add Plan

3. Select Alliance Direct Benefits Value Plan - Discount Program from the Library drop-down menu.

4. Set the Effective Date (example - 9/1/2018)

5.  Select Add Library 

6. If applicable: Adjust Contributions 

Once the plans are added and employees have elected benefits, the enrollment data can be submitted to Alliance in EaseCentral. The first submission is completed in EaseCentral, and scheduled reports with changes will be automatically sent on a regular basis.

How to Enable the Data Feed For a Group

1. Select Benefits on the left-hand navigation

2. Select Partners from the top navigation

3. Click on Manage by Alliance Direct Benefits 

4. Select Next

5. Select Add Submission

6. Choose Plans to Submit  (Example - Discount Program)

7. Select Submit to Partner