TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) is the nation's largest, privately held, stand-alone, third-party administrator for employee benefits programs.  Companies with TASC as their carrier for flex plans can set up an integration with EaseCentral so that all enrollments (adds/changes/terminations) are processed through the integration.  There is no fee for this integration.

TASC plan types available in EaseCentral are:

  • FSA Health Care
  • FSA Dependent Care
  • Premium Reimbursement Account
  • Parking
  • Transit

If you are ready to integrate, please complete the attached EDI Application and email the completed form to EDI_Coordinator@tasconline.com.  Follow the checklist and refer to the TASC Flex Integration Guide for detailed step-by-step instruction.



  • Enable TASC in broker Marketplace

  • Enable TASC in client Marketplace

  • Receive TASC Flex Account Structure in email from EDI_Coordinator@tasconline.com (includes TASC Client ID)


  • Begin setup in Marketplace (Marketplace > Get Started > Next)

  • Enter TASC Client ID from TASC Account Structure (Marketplace >  Setup)

  • Select files from MANAGE FLEX FILES

  • Add Partner Codes

    • Flex Plan Id

    • Flex Termination Type


  • Notify TASC setup is complete by replying to EDI_Coordinator@tasconline.com email

  • TASC moves client status to Testing / EaseCentral sends file

  • TASC audits data / reaches out to broker if needed

  • Continue manual processing with TASC until TASC confirms files are in production


  • Build new plans in EaseCentral

  • Employees complete open enrollment elections

  • Receive new Flex Plan Id from TASC (EDI_Coordinator@tasconline.com)

  • Add new plan year Flex Plan Id Partner Code in Marketplace

  • Add Annual Open Enrollment (ENR) File to MANAGE FLEX FILES when open enrollment is complete / enrollments automatically sent to TASC

For additional support contact your TASC Regional Sales Director or email EDI_Coordinator@tasconline.com.

TASC also offers COBRA services and partners with EaseCentral to integrate those services.  Please see TASC COBRA Integration for more information.

If this is your first time setting up this integration or you need additional support, please schedule a 15-minute live training session with our Integrations team.