Beginning April 18, 2018, the EaseCentral portal can be configured to only display employee elections once the employee has signed enrollment forms. The current default behavior for existing clients* is to show employee's enrollment data as soon as the change is entered into the portal. Plan selections, enrolled or waived dependents, and effective dates will show on reports, enrollment forms, and in Manage Changes any time an employee makes an election or change.

To opt in to the pending benefits feature, simply click the "Require Election E-Signatures" box in the broker portal and review the information. By opting in, the portal will only display benefit elections for those employees that have signed their enrollment forms. This update will be applied to all companies in the portal.

With this setting enabled, employee elections will NOT be displayed on employee records, reports, forms, or in Manage Changes until the employee signs their enrollment forms. A message will be displayed on the employee's profile if there are pending benefits that the employee has not yet signed for.

As a best practice, it is recommended that the Pending Elections report under Reports > Available Reports is run regularly to review those employees that have yet to complete their enrollments.

Any changes made on behalf of employees by broker or company admin users will be immediately displayed on reports, forms, employee records, and Manage Changes.

*Clients new to EaseCentral as of 4/18/2018 will already have this programmed in to the portal.