TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) is the nation's largest, privately held, stand-alone, third-party administrator for employee benefits programs. EaseCentral and TASC have partnered to integrate COBRA services, Flex, HSA and HRA products. There is no fee for this integration. 

The TASC available plan types in EaseCentral are:

  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Health Savings Account
  • Premium Reimbursement Account
  • FSA Health Care
  • FSA Dependent Care
  • Transit
  • Parking
  • All COBRA Eligible Benefits (for COBRA Services)

If you are ready to integrate, please follow the steps below.

  • Enable TASC under the client Marketplace.

Once the completed EDI application is sent to TASC, TASC will set up all partner codes needed for the integration and test the EDI files.

Initial set up required for COBRA-eligible plans/COBRA services:

  • Build all COBRA eligible plans in EaseCentral and mark all plans as COBRA eligible within the Benefits > Plan > Profile page. Choose the percentage appropriate for the client.

  • Ensure that all employees within EaseCentral are updated with SSN, First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Address, and Hire Date.  Any test employees should be moved to a Test Status (Employee Profile > Employment > Status) within EaseCentral. **Dependent SSNs are required for COBRA qualifying dependent events, i.e., a child ages out of parent’s coverage, divorce or death of employee. If there is no SSN listed in the file for these events, TASC will contact the client for the missing SSN. For all other QE events and the GIN file, the dependent SSN can be blank.

  • Once set up, EaseCentral will send TASC any initial notification or qualifying event automatically on regularly scheduled report files. The company administrator only needs to use EaseCental as normal for the COBRA transactions to send.  


Any adds/changes/terms for any product that occur during the testing process should be manually processed with TASC until TASC informs the broker/client that the integration is in production. This notification will not come from EaseCentral and any notifications from EaseCentral should not be considered as notification that TASC has moved the integration to production.

The broker and/or client should check their TASC web portal routinely to verify all transactions have been processed.

Renewal/Open Enrollment 

  • Build new plans in EaseCentral

  • Send new plans/rates to TASC


EaseCentral Support - support@easecentral.com or 702-800-2690

TASC Customer Care - 800-422-4661