EaseCentral ensures that agency employees logging into EaseCentral follow secure measures. Two-Factor Authentication is required daily by broker users to log into EaseCentral. Two-factor authentication adds a second level of authentication to an account log-in. In addition to entering your username and password, two-factor authentication requires the user to have an additional credential before being able to access an account. 

The EaseCentral system will walk agency employees through the steps to set up Two-Factor Authentication. Broker Administrators will be prompted to set up Two-Factor Authentication upon initially logging in, and can choose to use Text Message Delivery (SMS), an Authenticator Application or an Email method to automatically generate a new code daily. Entering the generated code meets the second requirement of authentication, and allows agency employees access into EaseCentral. 

Choose one of three methods:

If you have enabled either the Authenticator Application or Text Message Delivery (SMS) Two-Factor Authentication methods as an agency employee and temporarily don't have access to your phone, please reach out to your Agency System Administrator who can Remove MFA on your profile in the Agency/Broker EaseCentral portal. Once disabled you can follow the procedure linked above to temporarily enable the Email method. Once you regain access to your phone, the Agency System Administration should again Remove MFA in your profile and you should use the Authenticator Application or Text Message Delivery (SMS) Two-Factor Authentication method as a best practice. 

Note: Two-Factor Authentication is not required by Company Administrators or Employees.