Your agency portal includes only the details and settings needed to manage your client portals.

1.     Profile

  • Profile - includes the broker company name and website.

  • Organization - includes the main agency contact information and details of your organization to allow you to appropriately assign client portal access to agents and support teams. 
    • Locations can be added to organize agency employees for reporting purposes. 
    • Account Management Teams can be added and agency employees assigned to specific teams in the Organization > Teams section. Employees that belong to a team can create new company portals and the team they are assigned to will automatically have access to that company portal. If additional teams should be assigned to a company, one of the Agency Administrators will have access to assign other teams to a company portal.

2.   Employees - Agency employees can be entered and tracked. 

  • Agency employees entered here can be assigned to company portals.
  • Agency employees must be assigned to teams in order to access portals built in EaseCentral. They will only have access to add, view, and edit company portals assigned to his/her Teams. 
  • Agency Administrators have access to view all company portals for all teams in the Companies page. Agency Administrators also have access to assign any team to a company portal. 
    • Employees who are not administrators are not able to assign other agency teams to portals they have created. 
    • The Administrator option should only be selected if the agency employee should have access to view all company portals set up under the agency portal. Typically there will be just one or a select few agency employees who should have this access. 

3.     Companies - Lists any company set up and assigned to the agency, the total number of employees entered for the company and the date the company was created. 

4.    Logins - Agency employees will be provided access to EaseCentral by email. Agency employees must have an email address entered in their Employee Profile

5.    Branding - Agency portals can be branded with a custom URL, Background Image and Header Image. Typically the broker logo would be used as the Header Image.  


6.    Marketplace - Allows agencies to view the current EaseCentral Plan Subscription option and turn on additional EaseCentral features like Onboarding & HR. 


7.     Billing - EaseCentral billing information is accessible in agency and employer Marketplace pages. Agencies will see billing details about subscriptions and previous invoices as well as a preview of upcoming invoices. Agency subscriptions will include the core EaseCentral and Onboarding subscriptions. Invoice details may also display charges for ACA reporting.

Access more information about adding Broker/Agency employees here