In the company portal select Customize > Fields. 

Employee Fields

Employee and dependent fields can be selected and displayed or deselected and not displayed to employees as they go through the enrollment process. The Fields page determines which fields to display. Employees will have access to view and edit this information if selected. If deselected, the fields will not display to employees.  

Select the EMPLOYEE PAY CYCLE and any employee entered or imported into EaseCentral after this is selected will automatically be assigned. Selecting the EMPLOYEE PAY CYCLE will not update the pay cycle for any employees that were already added to the company site. It will only assign the pay cycle to employees added after the default pay cycle is selected. 

Note: If carrier applications require details like salary, scheduled hours or job title, these fields should be enabled so employees can complete if this information is not entered or imported into their profiles by the Broker or the Company Administrator. 

Enrollment/Benefit Fields

When the HEALTH INFORMATION field is set to Show in EaseCentral, employees will be prompted to answer health questions about themselves and enrolled family members, but only if the Form added to the Plans > Forms page includes health questions. Employees will only be asked the health questions that appear on the forms. 

If the forms assigned to the plan on the Plan > Forms page do not ask health questions the employees will see a notification on the Health Information page that confirms they do not need to provide health information. 

PREVIOUS & CURRENT COVERAGE instructions will display when employees are completing this part of the enrollment process if it's selected. Previous & Current Coverage should only be selected if the carrier Form assigned to the plan on the Plans > Forms page requires that the employee complete this information. This is no longer a common requirement on carrier forms. 

If MEDICARE is selected, employees will be asked to enter Medicare coverage for themselves or any family members eligible for Medicare. This information will be populated on carrier forms assigned to the Plans > Forms page if completed. If Medicare Coverage information is not required on the carrier forms, this field can be disabled by deselecting Show next to Medicare on the Customize > Fields page. 

BENEFICIARIES should be selected by default. If the employee does not enroll in a plan that requires beneficiaires, EaseCentral will not prompt employees to enter or assign them to plan enrollments. 

Some carriers require a waiver to be completed on applications for all dependents regardless whether their specific demographic information is included on the application or in EaseCentral. WAIVE DEPENDENTS NOT ENTERED will require employees who do not have dependents entered into their profile to determine whether there are any dependents that should be waived on an application. 

Waive Reasons will require an employee to enter a reason every time the employee waives a health-related plan type. If the Waive Reason Details option is selected, the employee will need to provide the Carrier's name and Group number for the member covered under another plan. 

CURRENT ELECTION DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT allows employees to view their current plan, contribution, and enrollment tier as they complete their open enrollment selections as displayed below. This option is defaulted to on. If there are no previous elections entered or imported into previous plan years, this option can be left on. If there are elections populated for employees in previous plan years but the contributions or election tiers are not accurate the CURRENT ELECTION DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT can be deselected. 

Multi-Carrier Waiver Forms

Many carriers require a completed waiver form if the employee waives coverage altogether or enrolls in another carrier's plan. The WAIVER FORMS option under the General section will be defaulted to Yes, Generate Multi-Carrier Waiver Forms so that waiver forms will be completed for each carrier, an enrollment form for any carrier's plan for which an employee enrolls, and a waiver/declination form for any carrier's plan for which an employee waives or declines. 

If there are two carrier plan options: 

  • When an employee enrolls in Carrier #1's plan it produces both forms – enrollment for Carrier #1 and a waiver form for Carrier #2
  • When an employee enrolls in Carrier #2's plan it produces both forms – enrollment for Carrier #2's plan and Waiver for Carrier #1's plan
  • When an employee waives both Carrier #1's and Carrier #2's plans a waiver form is produced for both plans

Plan Type Order allows agencies to control the order in which plan types display to employees as they complete their enrollments in EaseCentral. Using the Plan Type Order feature on the Customize > Fields page, agencies can click and drag the plan types in the preferred order of appearance.

Read Only Fields

If the company has Payroll Integration enabled on the Marketplace page, Read Only Fields may also display as an option. If EaseCentral will be receiving employee demographics and/or employment information from the company's payroll system, the fields populated from the payroll provider's integration can be selected as read only. This would ensure that employees and Company Administrators are not making updates in EaseCentral that will be overriden by data coming subsequently from the payroll system. The data for any of the fields selected must be added or updated in the payroll system only, which will then send the updates to EaseCentral when the integration occurs. 


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