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In order for company employees to access their enrollment portal, a custom domain name must be added. Additionally, customizing through Branding company portals allows you to add a logo as a header image and background image

View a quick video about how to brand a company site or read quick instructions below. 

To brand the company, start by adding the Custom Domain. A unique name must be added here in order for the Login link to be activated. Typically the client name should be added. Enter the company name in this field with a minimum of 3 characters. Do not include any spaces. The system will automatically add to the name chosen.   

Add the Header Image. This image will display at the center-top of the login screen and will typically be the company's logo. As long as you have a image-type file you can upload the logo and the system will automatically resize it to fit on the screen. The image should be less than 75 pixels in height. Click Save

Add a Background Image using an image file. It should be larger than 800 pixels wide for image quality purposes. This image will be used as a background on the login page only. Click Save.


Once the Custom Domain, Background Image and Header Image are added, view the Login page by clicking View Login

Note: Enterprise-level subscribers of EaseCentral will additionally see custom branding options. When the USE CUSTOM COLORS? checkbox is selected, any custom colors added will apply throughout the employer's portal. Additionally, if this box is selected, the Header Image, which is typically the company logo, will display at the top-left of each page in the EaseCentral portal when the employee is logged in. 

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