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In order for company employees to access their enrollment portal, a custom domain name must be added. 

  • Additionally, customizing through Branding company portals allows you to add a logo as a header image and background image

View a quick video about how to brand a company site or read quick instructions below. 

To brand the company:

1.    Add the Custom Domain

  • A unique name must be added here in order for the Login link to be activated. 
  • Typically the client name should be added. 
    • A minimum of 3 characters. 
    • Do not include any spaces. 
    • The system will automatically add to the name chosen.   

2.    Click Save.

3.    Add the Header Image

  • This image displays at the center-top of the login screen and is typically the company's logo. 
  • As long as you have a image-type file you can upload the logo and the system will automatically resize it to fit on the screen. 
  • The image should be less than 75 pixels in height. 

4.    Click Save

5.    Add a Background Image using an image file. 

  • It should be larger than 800 pixels wide for image quality purposes. 
  • This image will be used as a background on the login page only. 

6.    Click Save.


7.    Once the Custom Domain, Background Image and Header Image are added, view the Login page by clicking View Login

Enterprise-level subscribers of EaseCentral will additionally see custom branding options. 

  • When the USE CUSTOM COLORS? checkbox is selected, any custom colors added will apply throughout the employer's portal. 
  • Additionally, if this box is selected, the Header Image, which is typically the company logo, will display at the top-left of each page in the EaseCentral portal when the employee is logged in. 

If a Header Image or Background Image has been added, the option to remove the image is also available.

1.    Click Delete.

2.    To confirm, click Yes, Delete.

  • The image is no longer displayed.

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