In the Employees tab click Actions > Add Employee

The TYPE of employee selected does not affect eligibility in EaseCentral, it's for ACA purposes only. If hours are not entered for employees, the ACA tool will use the employee TYPE when calculating the number of Full-Time employees, and when generating 1094-C and 1095-C forms and form outputs. 

LOCATION can be used to determine plan eligibility. 

Below are the recommended fields when adding or importing employees into EaseCentral: 

  • SSN, if known
  • Birth Date, for rate purposes
  • Address, if known
  • Manager
  • HR Manager
  • EID, We recommend updating this to the employee's SSN
  • Type, Required for ACA eligibility tracking purposes. Hours entered in to the ACA module will be calculated for Variable-Hour, Part-Time and Seasonal employees
  • Status
  • Location
  • Any additional company organization groups that are used like Job Class, Division, etc.
  • Hire Date, for benefit effective date purposes for new hires
  • Scheduled Hours, this will be required if the plans are set up with minimum Scheduled Hours
  • Pay Cycle, to show the appropriate per-pay period deductions
  • Compensation, may be used for salary-based benefit calculations or for ACA affordability calculations
  • Compensation Type, may be required for ACA eligibility tracking
  • Email, to notify employees of their login information

For each field, please choose from below for more detailed information:


Notes can be added for each employee and accessible by any administrator of the company portal.