The Documents section is where company documents like employee handbooks, time off policies, benefit guides, and any benefit related material like contracts, SPDs, and claim forms can be made accessible to employees in one place. The documents and links are stored and organized so employees can view and access new hire documents, required notices, and benefits-related resources all year. 

View a quick video about how to add documents and links to the Document Library in EaseCentral. 

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Document Security

Please note: Any documents posted in the Documents > Library, Documents > Onboarding, and Documents > Notifications pages will be viewable to employees with access to EaseCentral. Personal or private employee information should never be uploaded to these Documents pages.

If any sensitive information (e.g. SSN, compensation, employee names, employee addresses) is detected in a .csv or .txt file that is being added to any of the Documents pages such as Library, Onboarding, and Notifications, as well as Documents added to plans, we will indicate that the document contains sensitive information and auto-archive it to prevent employees from viewing this information. If this document should be shared with employees, it will need to be manually unarchived. Please note: we are not reviewing Word of PDF documents for sensitive data at this time.

To add documents and links to plans please see Configuring Plans > Documents.