Custom Documents can be created and displayed to employees with an offer letter, during onboarding, and anytime during the year. The Company Administrator or broker can add employer-specific, personalized documents for employees to view or sign. Dynamic fields from their EaseCentral portal will be mapped on the document.

To start, Click Add Document. The document can be created using information already stored in EaseCentral for company name, logo, employee name, manager name, date of hire, compensation, signature, date of signature, etc. The text can be formatted and aligned. Be sure to include the Auto Text EMPLOYEE_SIGNATURE field option if the employee's signature should be added to the document. The PREVIEW option will display the document as it will display to the employee with examples of completed fields. 

If the document should include a signature of a company representative or contact, please enter the NAME, JOB TITLE, and SIGNATURE of the company contact and be sure to include the following Auto Text fields when creating the Custom Document: COMPANY_SIGNATURE_NAME, COMPANY_SIGNATURE_TITLE, COMPANY_SIGNATURE. 

Once the Custom Document is created, the document can be added to the Onboarding or Notifications pages using the Actions > Add Custom Document option. Employees will then view and sign the employer custom documents during onboarding or the next time they log in. If the employee's signature should be included on the employer document, make sure the REQUIRE REVIEW and REQUIRE SIGNATURE options are selected when adding the custom document. If LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES are assigned, only employees assigned to these organization types will be prompted to view or sign the document. 

To view how Custom Documents can be displayed to applicants as Offer Letters for acceptance please view the Offer Letters Help Desk solution.