To share files including personal or sensitive information with the EaseCentral team for review or troubleshooting purposes, please upload these files to the Documents > Private page and notify the EaseCentral Success Team member that the file has been uploaded for review at Files or links uploaded into this section will be automatically removed after 48 hours.

Document Security

If any sensitive information (e.g. SSN, compensation, employee names, employee addresses) is detected in a .csv or .txt file that is being added to any of the Documents pages such as Library, Onboarding, and Notifications, as well as Documents added to plans, we will indicate that the document contains sensitive information and auto-archive it to prevent employees from viewing this information. If this document should be shared with employees, it will need to be manually unarchived. Please note: we are not reviewing Word of PDF documents for sensitive data at this time.

To add documents and links to plans please see Configuring Plans > Documents.