1. Add new plans/plan years

  • For plans that are renewing, choose the previous year's plan in the DUPLICATE PLAN option in Add Plan.
  • If you have access with your subscription, use Renewal Assist and mark Yes, Duplicate & Push Enrollment to this new plan. Employees' current enrollment will be pushed to the new plan year. 
  • Click Add Plan
  • Check that carrier forms are attached
  • Update/add contingent plans
  • Add new rates and contributions
  • Add updated plan summaries and documents


2. If employees should view their current elections and contributions as they make their new plan year elections, mark CURRENT ELECTION DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT on the Customize > Fields page. 

3. If a carrier waiver form should be generated if an employee waives coverage, mark MULTI-CARRIER WAIVER FORMS.

4. Update Guaranteed Issue Amounts in employees’ Profile > Coverage  based on open enrollment guarantee issue rules (if applicable) to include plan type, approved amount, effective date in the past, as well as any notes. 

  • If the employee applies for coverage over this amount, they will be subject to EOI. 
  • Effective data will need to be entered for spouse/domestic partner as well, if currently covered.

5. Remove any BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATES previously entered into employee profiles unless the date still applies for new hires that have yet to enroll in benefits. 

  • To confirm which employees have BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATES entered in this field, run an employee Census from the Employees page. 
  • If these dates are not removed employee's elections will populate with this date instead of the plan renewal date.

6. Update salaries and salary-based benefit amounts either by import or by updating employees’ salaries and then re-saving each salary-based benefit in the Benefits tab

7. Run a census to confirm whether any employees have REMAINING PAY PERIODS in their Employment tab. 

  • Remaining pay periods are only used for employees who are hired mid-plan year and need their FSA or HSA annual election divided into the remaining pay periods in the plan year. 
    • This should likely be removed at open enrollment for FSA so employees' new annual election will be divided by all pay periods in the plan year going forward. 
  • As a best practice, Pay Schedules should be set up instead of REMAINING PAY PERIODS so annual elections can automatically be divided by the remaining pay periods. 

8. If the client has any plans that have an age determination rule of AGE ON ORIGINAL EFFECTIVE DATE be sure that the employee has the correct original effective date on their Coverage tab.

  • Run an employee census to review the current original effective dates on the employee's profiles. 
  • If any updates are needed, manually update effective dates in employee's Coverage tab under Original Effective Dates 
    • Or, import using an employee census with headers of Original Effective Date and Original Effective Date Plan Type.