Once the company portal has been reviewed and is ready, active open enrollment and test using a test employee to confirm that all plans are set up correctly, the organization supports eligibility, and forms and documents are available and work as expected. With testing successfully completed, reset progress and notify employees.

1. In Benefits > Open Enrollment, activate open enrollment

  • Open Enrollment will start at 12:00 Midnight in time zone noted in the computer used by the employee on the START DATE.  
  • The END DATE is the last date of open enrollment for which an employee can make changes. Open enrollment will deactivate at 11:59 pm in the employee’s time zone on the date entered here. 
  • Select the Yes, select specific plans to be included in Open Enrollment check box next to CUSTOMIZE PLANS which allows both plan years to be open so that new hires can enroll in previous and current plan years and so certain plans can be selected as renewing/open enrollment plans.
  • When only specific plans are selected in the Benefits > Open Enrollment page, only those plans will be options for employees to elect, waive, or make changes to during open enrollment.
  • The LATE OPEN ENROLLMENT? option should only be selected if the company's open enrollment is occurring with an open enrollment START DATE or END DATE that is after the plan renewal date. For example, this option would only be selected if the plan renews 1/1/17 but open enrollment starts or ends on or after 1/1/17.

  • If plans were selected for a previous open enrollment and not unchecked once open enrollment ended, they will show up under Plans no longer eligible for Open Enrollment. 
  • Be sure to click Remove All before starting open enrollment.

2. Test the enrollment experience

  • Select a few employees and view their Employee > Benefits pages to confirm their enrollments were pushed to the new plans as expected and display the appropriate rates.
  • Additionally, add a test employee and log in to complete the enrollment. 
    • Please see Testing Best Practices for step-by-step instructions to test the enrollment experience.
      • Ensure eligibility rules are followed
      • Verify contributions display accurately per pay period
      • Ensure all required carrier election forms are populated and key information is included

3. Reset Progress in the Benefits > Progress section


4. Notify employees.

  • Send IP Addresses and domains to the employer's IT department for whitelisting to better ensure login emails are not blocked by the company's firewall.
  • Check Logins screen and Send Logins to employees with email addresses. Update the message to include any pertinent open enrollment information.