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You can search for and review forms by selecting View Forms Library in the Forms page or by selecting LIBRARIES> Forms at the top of the screen.

The library includes different states, but is defaulted to United States, since some carrier forms apply on a national basis. You can click the drop down arrow next to STATE to search for forms in a certain state.  In the Forms Library section, you will see the form Name, the Form Id, and the Plan Types for available forms. The Name of the form is a hyperlink for which you can click on to view the full form.  

Certain carrier forms may only be used with certain Plan Types. The allowable Plan Types are listed next to the Form ID.   

When building plans, be sure to choose one of the Plan Types listed next to the form that will be used.

**Please be sure to refer to the carrier application when creating new plans.  In order for forms to be marked correctly, use the plan name exactly as it appears on the form for plan ADMIN or DISPLAY NAME. Example "Kaiser Permanente Silver HMO B". You do not have to use it for both.

When you are building plans, add the enrollment form on the Benefits > Forms page. On the Forms page, start typing the name of the carrier form/application in the FORMS field to find and assign the carrier enrollment form. Only the forms that apply to a particular plan type will be displayed as an option when assigning the form to a plan. Each form option can also be viewed on this page by clicking View to the right of the Form ID

**The Form ID is also listed for convenience and should be matched to the footer on the carrier's enrollment form. Always verify that the form chosen is the correct version that the carrier is expecting to receive. Please verify with the carrier if needed.**


Select the appropriate form and add it to the plan.


Note: Some Change Forms are included in the Library. 

Change Forms, identified as "demographic changes only", will map the currently enrolled employee and dependents personal and work information on the form, but it will not include enrollments details or change reasons. This form is used to complete some sections of the form, but the rest of the form will need to be manually completed prior to sending to the carrier.

All Change Forms in EaseCentral, except than those marked as "demographic changes only", will only map the current employee and dependent information. The change details and reasons, including work status or qualifying event details, will not be mapped on the forms and will need to be manually entered after generating. Change forms will not include details for employees or dependents who were terminated from coverage.

If we're missing a carrier enrollment form, please send the form to our Customer Success team for review. Our programmers will map and add the form to the library. The process usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete. 

The INSTRUCTIONS section allows you to enter verbiage to be displayed about that specific plan to employees as they enroll. An example would be adding information in the INSTRUCTIONS section about a High Deductible Health Plan and an affiliated Health Savings Account.

The instructions will display in the Plan Information section. Any instructions entered in the Forms page will display above any Enrollment Instructions that may have been entered in the plan's Eligibility page in the Instructions menu.

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