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In the Company portal, select Benefits > Actions > Add Plan.

If the agency has a plan LIBRARY created in the LIBRARIES > Plans page, this will include a grouping of plans commonly offered by an agency's employer groups (e.g., California Choice plans) choose the appropriate library from the LIBRARY drop-down menu. All plans will be added into the company site with the same PROFILE, RATES, FORMS, and DOCUMENTS options selected when the LIBRARY was first created. Any of this information can be edited after the plans are added into the Company's site. ELIGIBILITY and CONTRIBUTIONS information will need to be entered to match the employer's specific plan offering details. 

View this quick video to learn more how to set up and add Plan Libraries.

Choose the appropriate plan TYPE from the list of plan options. The plan configuration options will be based on the plan TYPE selected. For example, if a salary-based benefit plan type is chosen, coverage amount options can be entered. 

Enter an ADMIN NAME. The ADMIN NAME is only viewed by system administrators and not by employees. Typically you'll want to include the plan year within the ADMIN NAME

Enter a DISPLAY NAME. The DISPLAY NAME will be viewed by employees. If plan options/checkboxes are not already included on the form, the plan name entered here will be mapped on the form. 

If the carrier enrollment form includes plan options that will need to be selected on the form, either the ADMIN NAMEor DISPLAY NAME should exactly match the plan name listed on the form. We highly recommend testing to ensure that enrollments populate correctly on the enrollment form based on the ADMIN NAME or DISPLAY NAME entered. 

Enter the EFFECTIVE DATE or the plan year start date. 

DUPLICATE PLAN can be used to quickly copy similar plans or to create a new plan year. Plans displayed will match the “Plan Type” selected. This is most commonly used during plan renewal. All renewing plans should be duplicated for the new plan year.

When renewing plans, the Renewal Assist* option should be used to push/move all current enrollments from the current/duplicated plan to the new plan. When this option is used the Enrollment Changes report will identify plan and coverage changes made during open enrollment. 

Click ADD PLAN. 

*If you have not imported current enrollment, duplicate the plan, return to Employees>Actions>Import Employees and import the current enrollment, then use Actions>Copy Previous Enrollment. You can also use Actions>Copy Previous Enrollment when you have added a new plan without duplication and chosen a Previous Plan in the Benefits>Plan>Profile

Once the plan is saved the rest of the plan rules and rates can be added. 

We recommend testing by selecting a few Employee > Benefits pages to confirm their enrollments were pushed to the new plans as expected and display the appropriate rates. 

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