Plan Template Libraries can be created in EaseCentral with the goal of grouping plans together as a template that can be easily added for companies if this set of plans are commonly offered by an agency's employer groups (e.g., CaliforniaChoice or CoPower products). 

Plan Libraries are available with Agency and Enterprise subscriptions. Libraries can be created in the LIBRARIESmenu at the top of the page. Click Actions > Add Library to add a unique plan library. 

Enter the NAME of the Plan Library or plan "package" you would like make available for your employer groups. This will allow you to quickly and more efficiently add these plans to company portals when creating a company site and when employers offer similar plan options. Click Add Library. 

Note: We recommend being as detailed as possible when naming the Plan Library. If a library is created for age-rated medical plans by rating area, we recommend including the rating area as well as the quarter and year for which these rates are effective. It will be likely that a new library will need to be created each quarter to add new rates and plan information. 

Once Library has been added, add plans to the Library in one of the following two ways:

 Plan Libraries can be shared within the agency or brokerage and do not have to be duplicated by each agency employee. 

View a more detailed overview below about how Plan Libraries allow commonly used plans to be quickly and easily added to company portals.