Add plans to the library by selecting Add Plan Template. 

Add the first plan option by selecting the plan TYPE and then entering the specific name of the plan added. 

Plan Profile, Eligibility, Rates, Forms, AND Documents can be added to each plan template so the plans will contain details that would consistently apply to all companies offering this plan option. We recommend adding as many details as possible, including rates, the carrier application form, and any plan summaries or SBCs that would apply to an employer offering this plan. Please note that it is best practice to leave the Eligibility tab blank when creating plans to add to a plan library. If eligibility rules are added, these rules will be applied to all groups that use this plan library which may result in some employees not being able to see certain plans. Eligibility rules can be added after the plan is added to the group.

Note: If your agency has access to a General Agent Library, the plan details, e.g., DEDUCTIBLE, OFFICE VISIT, INPATIENT, etc., may be automatically populated once the RATES/plan are added in the RATES tab. 

Once all plan details have been completed, click the plan library name to get back to the Plan Libraries page to add additional plans. To get back to the Plan Libraries page with each separate Library option click Plans

To add additional plans to the selected library click Actions > Add Plan Template and complete the above steps for each plan that will be included in the Plan Library.