If a company site already has detailed plans with up-to-date PROFILE, ELIGIBILITY, RATES, FORMS,and DOCUMENTS, you can add these existing plans to a Plan Library. In the Company > Benefits page select each plan that should be added to a Plan Library. In the TASKS menu select Add to Plan Library. 

Then enter the LIBRARY NAME ensuring to include the rating area, quarter, and year for which these plans are effective in the name, if applicable. 

Once the Plan Library is completed, each plan library can be accessed and edited at any time from the LIBRARIESpage. 

Plans from a Plan Library can be added into as many company sites as needed. To add the plans from a library to a company portal go to Benefits > Actions > Add Plan within the company portal and choose the appropriate library you wish to add to the company portal. 

If the company only offers some of the plans available in the library, these plans can be removed before they are added to the company portal. Click the x next to the plan that should not be added. then enter the EFFECTIVE DATE of the plans added. All plans remaining in the Plans list will be automatically added to the company portal with the Profile, Eligibility, Rates, Forms, and Documents details from the Plan Library when Add Library is selected. 

Important: Once the plans are added, the Eligibility and Contributions details must be entered based on the employer specific eligibility rules and contribution model. 

Additionally, any of the Profile, Eligibility, Rates, Forms, or Documents information can be edited after the plans are added into the Company's site from the Plan Library.