When employers are looking to offer new self-funded medical plans, carriers often require that employees complete health-risk assessment forms or questionnaires that ask employees to report their health histories, family patterns of disease, and lifestyle choices such as tobacco use. The health information needed by insurance underwriters can be collected within EaseCentral by allowing employees to log in and elect the new self-funded plan. Employees will be prompted to complete the required health questions required on the carrier-specific health questionnaire/risk assessment forms. 

If employees have entered answers to the same health questions previously, we do force them to answer yes/no if it's been more than 90 days since they last answered the questions. If the employee answered yes to any health questions they should see their previous answers as they walk through the underwriting process. 

To set up this feature in EaseCentral, in the Company portal, click on Customize > click on Show/Hide Fields > enable HEALTH INFORMATION if not already enabled.


The next step is to click Benefits and then Actions > Add Plan

Choose Medical Underwriting as the plan TYPE from the list of plan options.

Enter an ADMIN NAME. The ADMIN NAME is only viewed by system administrators and not by employees. Typically, you'll want to include the intended plan year within the ADMIN NAME


Enter a DISPLAY NAME. The DISPLAY NAME will be viewed by employees when they are completing their health questionnaire. 

Enter the EFFECTIVE DATE of the intended plan year start date. Click on Add Plan.


When building the health-risk questionnaire plan, add the enrollment form on the Benefits > Forms tab. EaseCentral has many health questionnaire forms stored in the Forms library. On the Forms page, start typing the name of the carrier form/health questionnaire in the FORMS field to find and assign the carrier enrollment form.  Each form option can also be viewed on this page by clicking View to the right of the Form ID

If the health form is not already available in our Forms Library please provide the form to our Customer Success team at support@easecentral.com. We will complete the form mapping within 4-5 weeks. 

EaseCentral is dynamic in that it only asks the health questions listed on the form(s) being used. If you want to trigger the entire health wizard, then use the Universal Health form in conjunction with any other form you want to include. This will ensure the employees are asked all questions and conditions in the EaseCentral wizard. Please note that the Universal Health form doesn’t include questions that were answered "No", it will only list anything for which they answered "Yes" to.

Select the appropriate forms and add it to the plan. Multiple health forms can be added.

If a Uniform application is being submitted and requires carriers to be listed, the carriers can be selected from the plan Profile page under the Carriers section. The Medical Underwriting plan type allows multiple carriers to be listed.