The Benefits > Plans > Reports menu allows you to export a variety of enrollment information. Census reports, Enrollment Forms and Consolidated Billing reports can be generated from this page. Check the box next to each plan you want to be included for reports or forms. Then choose the appropriate Report.

The Benefits > Plans > Add Plan allows brokers to add plans and add completed plans to a Plan Library.

Enrollment Progress tracks the progress of employee election status in the EaseCentral system. In Progress means employees have started to enroll, but have not completed all elections or signed forms. An employee with a Finishedstatus means they signed forms. Use the Status counter for an overview or click on Actions > Generate Report for individual details. Progress details will only display employees that are eligible for a benefit in EaseCentral. 

Reset Progress defaults the progress back to Not Started for all employees. This should be done prior to each open enrollment in order to get an accurate progress report starting from the open enrollment start date.  When progress is reset the most recent reset details are available on the Progress dashboard. 

Custom messages can be emailed to employees in various stages of enrollment, e.g., Not Started, In Progress, Finished, or any combination of the three. Messages can be filtered by any of the Organization types added for the company if the Company Administrator would only like messages to be sent to specific groups of employees, or separate messages to be sent to each. Messages will only be sent to employees eligible for at least one benefit. 

The Compensation Statements option allows statements to be enabled and viewed by employees on their dashboard. 

Custom verbiage can be added to introduce the statements or for each plan. Each plan can be included or excluded from the statement, along with the employer costs for each plan. 

Default Social Security information is displayed as well and can be edited as needed. 

For information about Open Enrollment and Lock Enrollment, see Open Enrollment and Lock Enrollment Dates.