Part-Time Ineligible to Full-Time Eligible


When an employee has a work status change and is entered as a Part-Time employee and then becomes a Full-Time employee you will need to change their status in the Employees > Profile > Employment > TYPE drop-down menu. 

After updating the employee's TYPE you will then need to change the BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATE in the Coverage tab. If the employee enrolls or waives benefits, the appropriate effective date will be used based on the date entered. Otherwise the benefit effective date will be based on the employee's waiting period following his/her hire date.

If the company site is locked so employees can only make changes during his/her new hire window or during open enrollment, you can allow the employee to make enrollment changes by "Unlocking Enrollment Date". The employee will have 30 days from the date entered in the UNLOCK ENROLLMENT DATE field to log into the system and enter their elections. 

The employee will select Manage Benefits then Make Changes. The Qualifying Event the employee will select is Employment Status Change.

Brokers and Company Administrators will be able to identify when employees make life event changes in EaseCentral when they receive the daily notification email alert. The REPORTS > Manage Changes report will display the employee(s) who made changes, the type of event, as well as the old and new information. The employee's carrier forms can be accessed by selecting Actions > Enrollment Forms