Full-Time Eligible to Part-Time Ineligible

When an employee has a work status change and is entered as a Full-Time employee and then becomes a Part-Time employee you will need to change their status in Employees > Profile > Employment > TYPE. However unless SCHEDULED HOURS are required in the Benefits > Eligibility page, or plan eligibility groups are configured, Part-Time employees will still be considered eligible for benefits. 

View the Configuring Plans > ELIGIBILITY solution for more information on how to set up eligibility rules using SCHEDULED HOURS or plan eligibilities. 

The EVENT and EVENT DATE can be entered along with any notes or DETAILS. The appropriate plan(s) that should be terminated would be selected for each employee and dependent terminating from coverage. More than one plan can be terminated at a time. 

Finally, the Employee > Employment > SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK field must also be updated to the average weekly hours the Part-Time employee will work, or under the Full-Time scheduled hours requirement if the employee will no longer be eligible for benefits.

Note: The benefits should be terminated prior to changing the employee's SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK or JOB CLASS fields on the Employees > Employment page. If eligibility details are changed prior to the enrollment terminations, the system removes these benefit options from the Employees > Benefits page and the termination will not be identified in the Reports > Manage Changes page