If a company subscribes to EaseCentral Enhanced Onboarding, employees will be asked to enter EMERGENCY CONTACTS, W-4 withholding designations, I-9 required identification, direct deposit details (PAYROLL), and initial COBRA NOTIFICATION forms when they complete their onboarding requirements in EaseCentral. The onboarding documents will be displayed for a specified amount of time from the employee's hire date based on the number of days entered in the Marketplace > Onboarding > Customize field. As long as the employee is within the days specified, they will be prompted to complete the onboarding steps.

Access Onboarding from the Marketplace and click Enable.

To customize Onboarding, it will first need to be enabled by clicking on the Onboarding icon then clicking the green Enable button.  Once enabled, it can be turned on for specific companies by clicking on Companies from the Onboarding box in the broker portal or by going to the Company > Marketplace, clicking the Onboarding box then clicking Enable. Once enabled, click Customize and enter the days to display onboarding documents and check the box next to the features to be shown to employees as they onboard.