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1.    An employee may use his/her email address or a username to login.

  • If present, EMAIL addresses are used for login purposes and will serve as the employee's username. 
    • If employees have forgotten their login information, they can receive login instructions by clicking I'm unable to log in on their login page and entering their email address.
  • If an employee does not have an email address, a USERNAME can be entered for the employee. 
    • The username must be unique for each employee within a company. 

2.    If MOBILE PHONE is entered, as an alternative for login, employees can use their MOBILE PHONE number by clicking Log in with mobile phone.  

  • After entering in their mobile number they receive an access code and complete the login process by entering the code.  

3.    For employees who do not have an email address or a mobile phone number, a password can be automatically generated using Reset Password

  • If an employee already has their password and is logged in, they will be disconnected from the current session and will need to log in. 

4.    The LAST LOGIN date is tracked for each employee.  

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