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Messages can be emailed to employees with valid email addresses entered into employee profiles in EaseCentral. 

  • For employees who have not had their password set, the email includes a registration link they can use to access the system. 
  • For employees who have logged in or had their password set, the email will include the company's EaseCentral URL.

From Company > Logins, login statuses for all employees can be identified and login information can be sent to employees.


  • Prior to sending logins to employees we recommend forwarding the appropriate IP addresses and domains to the company's IT department to whitelist before sending login emails. 
    • This will better ensure employees receive emails sent from the EaseCentral portal notifying them of their registration and login information.  
  • The filter is defaulted to show employees Without Login access. 
    • This means the password has not yet been set by either the employee or by a broker or company administrator.   

To send logins:

1.    To select from employees that have not set their passwords, use default, Without Password from the Logins drop menu.

  • To access employees who have previously set their password, select All or With Login from the Logins drop menu.  



2.    Choose employees to receive login emails by marking box next to each employee name.

  •     To choose all employees Without Logins, mark the box next to the Name header. 

3.    Click Actions > Send Logins. 

4.    Update email address to a specific email address that employees will recognize.

  • Only one email address can be entered in the field.
  • The most common options would be to use the Company Administrator's email address, or the email address of the broker, HR team, Company President, etc.

5.    Customize message verbiage. 

  • Anything in brackets must not be edited. 
  • The system maps data from company and employee profiles into these fields. 

 6.   Click Send.

  • For employees who do not already have Logins with a generated password, the registration link expires after 14 days. 
  • Login messages can be sent as many times as needed until the employee sets their password and accesses the system. 

To view sample verbiage that may be used when sending login emails to employees at open enrollment, click here.

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