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1.    Retain default Without Login from the Logins drop menu.

2.    Click the box next to the employee name(s) to choose for whom to generate a guide. 

  • Be sure that the employee does not have an email address listed. 
  • To select all employees Without Login, mark the box next to the Name header.

3.    Click Actions > Generate Excel Document.

  • A message pops up listing how many employees will be included. 

4.    Click Generate. 

5.    Go to the Reports tab to download the file titled "Logins."

  • It is extremely important that this information is handled with care and the most secure methods are followed when storing and communicating this information. 

6.    Use the information to assist employees with login and enrollment. 

  • The spreadsheet can be used with a mail merge document. 
    • A sample document is attached at the bottom of the page.