Employees can enter qualifying life events in EaseCentral with their access. 

When employees log in outside of their new hire or open enrollment window they will not be prompted to make benefit changes.

However, they can select Manage Benefits on their dashboard and then Make Changes in order to enter a qualified life event. They will enter the type of event, as well as the event date, and the reason. EaseCentral will then walk them through their benefit options in order to make election changes. 

Please note, Company Administrators can enter the qualifying event on behalf of the employee in the Employees > Benefits > Actions > Add Qualifying Event page. This will not, however, prompt the employees to complete the qualifying event or sign their forms. The only way EaseCentral will prompt an employee to sign forms due to a qualifying event will be if the employee enters the qualifying event themselves as shown above. The Actions > Add Qualifying Event action entered by the Company Administrator will not display to the employee when they log in and is not a best practice.