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The applicant will receive an email to their personal address with the Get Started link that will allow them to view the offer. 

The applicant will register and enter their unique password. 

Step 1: The employee reviews the offer letter or the first document that the Company Administrator chose when creating the Offer Letter. 

Step 2: Any additional Custom or Shared Documents will display in Step 2 of the offer letter process. 

Step 3: If the SHOW BENEFIT OPTIONS? box was selected when creating the offer letter, the employee will see which plans they will be eligible for when they complete their initial, new hire enrollment in Step 3. Employees can open any plan documents attached in the Plans > Documents page.

Step 4: The applicant will do a final review of the offer letter and add his/her signature as final acceptance of the offer.

Step 5: The employee has finished the offer letter process and his/her status is changed to Active if the ACTIVE EMPLOYEE option was selected when the Company Administrator created the offer letter. 

If the SHOW BENEFITS OPTIONS option was selected when the Company Administrator created the offer letter the employee will then be prompted the complete the company's onboarding requirements. 

The employee's onboarding steps can be viewed in the Employee Onboarding Experience Help Desk solution.

The Company Administrator will receive an email confirmation when the applicant reviews and accepts his/her offer letter.