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Please view the following video to see how to send logins to employees.

Employee login information can be sent in the Logins page of the company portal. 

Prior to sending logins to employees we recommend forwarding the appropriate IP addresses and domains to the company's IT department to whitelist. This will better ensure employees receive emails sent from the EaseCentral portal notifying them of their registration and login information. 


Login statuses for all employees can be identified on this screen. The filter is defaulted to show employees Without Login access. This means the password has not yet been set by either the employee or by a broker or company administrator by selecting Reset Password in the employee's Profile > Login page.  

The filter can be changed to All or With Login to see employees who have previously set their password.  

Messages can be emailed to employees with valid email addresses entered into employee profiles in EaseCentral. For employees who have not had their password set, the email will include a registration link they can use to access the system. For employees who have logged in or had their password set, the email will include the company's EaseCentral URL (example: 

Select all or specific employees and click Actions > Send Logins. 

The message verbiage can be customized. The email address can be updated to a specific email address so employees will recognize who sent the EaseCentral login email. The most common options would be to use the Company Administrator's email address, or the email address of the broker, HR team, Company President, etc. Only one email address can be entered in the field. Anything in brackets must not be edited. The system will map data from company and employee profiles into these fields. 


For employees who do not already have Logins with a generated password, the registration link will expire after 14 days. Login messages can be sent as many times as needed until the employee sets their password and accesses the system. 

View the best practice for sending logins to employees with and without emails in the below video.

To send login information to a specific employee go to their Profile > Login page. 

If he/she has an email address and has not logged in you can select the Actions > Send Login option which will email the employee his/her login URL. This will expire within 14 days after which the employee can choose I need additional help to log in as shown above. 

However, messages can be sent to employees with or without logins in this page. For employees who have logged in, the Send Logins option will include the company portal’s URL so they can log in using the username and password they have already been assigned. For employees who have not logged in, the registration URL will be sent for employees to set their password for the first time and log in. 

If the employee does not have an email address enter a USERNAME and then click Reset Password. Copy the password and communicate the username and password to the employee to log in. This password does not expire. Once the employee logs in they will be asked to update their password to an 8-character password with at least one number or symbol.  

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