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View a quick video about how to add documents and links to the Document Library in EaseCentral. Or read below for step-by-step instructions.

The Documents section is where company documents like employee handbooks, time off policies, benefit guides, and any benefit related material like contracts, SPDs, and claim forms can be made accessible to employees in one place. The documents and links are stored and organized so employees can view and access new hire documents, required notices, and benefits-related resources all year.  Documents and links may be added to the following tabs:

Specific documents added to the Onboarding or Notifications sections can also be set up so they are only displayed to employees assigned to specific organization types like LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES. Similar to how eligibility rules are handled on Benefits > Eligibility pages, if all organization types are able to view the document these options can be left blank. If No LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES are selected all employees will be able to see the document added. 

The Required Report, found on the Documents > Library > Actions > Required Report page can be generated to determine which employees have viewed or signed documents that REQUIRE REVIEW or REQUIRE SIGNATURE and on what date. 

Note: Multiple documents and links can be easily and quickly added at once to the Documents > Library, Documents > Onboarding, and Documents > Notifications pages by setting up Document Libraries in the LIBRARIES page. See the Documents Library Help Desk solution for more information about how to create Document Libraries.  

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