Onboarding documents will display to employees when they are completing onboarding requirements as a new hire. The number of days onboarding will be enabled after the employee's hire date can be reviewed and updated on the Marketplace tab under Onboarding > Customize. Documents added to this tab can be set to REQUIRE REVIEW and/or REQUIRE SIGNATURE. When REQUIRE REVIEW is selected, employees must open the link or document before they can complete their onboarding requirements and sign their W-4 and I-9 forms. If REQUIRE SIGNATURE is selected, the employee must add their signature acknowledgment, verifying that they have read and understood the contents of the document or link viewed, before completing the onboarding requirements. Please note that signature required will capture the date the employee signed the document. A signature is not applied nor mapped to the document.

Specific documents added to the Onboarding section can also be set up so they are only displayed to employees assigned to specific organization types like LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES. Similar to how eligibility rules are handled on Benefits > Eligibility pages, if all organization types are able to view the document these options can be left blank. If No LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES are selected all employees will be able to see the document added.