By selecting Dependents you can view or update an employee's dependent information that has been entered either by the employee, the broker, or company administrator in to EaseCentral. Dependents can be entered on behalf of the employee from this screen if the employee is not going to log in. 

Certain fields, like SSN and BIRTH DATE are required in EaseCentral before an employee can complete their enrollment. If SSN is not entered, employees will be required complete it. 

BIRTH DATE may be needed to calculate dependent plan rates. 

EMPLOYER is not a required field but may be needed for carrier application purposes. 

TOBACCO USER, DISABLED and STUDENT STATUS are required fields for employees to complete if they are turned on in the Company > Customize > Show/Hide Fields page. 

Your broker can activate or deactivate these fields depending on on rate or carrier application requirements and company preferences.  

To view more information about the dependent click Edit

Dependents can only be deleted if the dependent has not yet been enrolled in a benefit. If a dependent was entered in error and was enrolled in a plan and needs to be deleted, please reach out to your broker who can delete the dependent from EaseCentral.