From Employees > [employee]:

1.    Select Dependents to view or update an employee's dependent information.

2.    To view more information about the dependent click Edit

3.    To remove a dependent, click Delete.

  • Dependents can only be deleted if the dependent has not yet been enrolled in a benefit. 
  • If a dependent was entered and enrolled in error and needs to be deleted, please reach out to your broker. 

4.    Otherwise, add/update information.

  • Certain dependent fields, like SSN and BIRTH DATE are required in EaseCentral before an employee can complete their enrollment. 
    • If SSN is not entered, employees is required to enter it. 
  • BIRTH DATE may be needed to calculate dependent plan rates. 
  • EMPLOYER is not a required field but may be needed for carrier application purposes. 
  • TOBACCO USER, DISABLED and STUDENT STATUS are only required if they are turned on in the Company > Customize > Show/Hide Fields page. 
    • Your broker can activate or deactivate these fields depending on on rate or carrier application requirements and company preferences.  

5.    Click Save.