By selecting Benefits and choosing a benefit option under Benefit Summary you can view and modify the enrollment information for any employee or dependent.  

You can also download Enrollment Forms from this the Actions menu. EaseCentral has both insurance carrier specific forms and Universal enrollment forms. 

To view a history of all elections entered by or on behalf of the employee for all plan types select Actions > Enrollment History. This will generate an excel report showing the historical benefit elections and when they were made. 

An summary of an employee's elections can be viewed on this page by clicking Actions > Enrollment Summary.

If open enrollment is currently enabled and only some plan types are included in open enrollment, you are defaulted to the open enrollment view in the Employees > Benefits page. If you need to make updates to plans not currently in open enrollment choose Actions > Current Enrollment. Then to get back to the open enrollment view, or to make changes to plans in open enrollment, choose Actions > Open Enrollment


Enrollments can be entered on behalf of employees on the Employee > Benefits page by changing the drop-down menu to Enrolled, selecting a plan option and clicking SAVE. If the effective date needs to be changed, the appropriate effective date can be entered in the Administration > Effective Date Override field and then saved. If the employee's effective date should remain his/her original hire date due to a qualifying event where a dependent was enrolled or terminated, the employee's effective date can reverted in the Effective Date Override field and then saved.