If onboarding is activated, the completed and signed W-4 and I-9 documents will be available in the employee's Documents > Shared page in EaseCentral when the employee completes the onboarding process. 

Employee-specific documents or links can be uploaded in the Employees > Documents page.

Shared documents will be visible to specific employee and all Company Administrators. 

Private documents will only be visible by Administrators and not by employees. 

Select Actions > Add Document or Add Link.

The DISPLAY NAME will display to employees as they view and open the document.


Employees will see the DESCRIPTION when accessing any document with a description added.

Select REQUIRE REVIEW or REQUIRE SIGNATURE if employees must open the document or link to complete their onboarding or enrollment experience.


All versions of the employee carrier forms/applications signed by the employee will be stored in the Forms page for access by brokers or company administrators.  

If onboarding is enabled, completed W-4 and I-9 forms and Direct Deposit information are found in their respective sections. 

Company administrators must review appropriate employee identification and select the Reviewed checkbox in order for the I-9 form to be completed with the employer information. If the employee did not upload his/her identification documents, the company administrator must enter the ID information on this page and then select the Reviewedcheckbox next to each identification document. 

Company administrators can also run excel reports with all employee W-4 and Direct Deposit information in the Company > Documents > Actions page.