EaseCentral and CyberScout are working together to bring increased identity protection products to brokers and employers across the country. Committed to providing options for one of the fastest growing benefit services, brokers and employers using EaseCentral can now add identity protection with CyberScout to their benefit offerings.

CyberScout plan types available in EaseCentral are:

Identity Theft Protection


Integration is free

How to Enable CyberScout for Your Company

1. Enable CyberScout in the broker Marketplace.

2. Enable CyberScout in the client Marketplace.

3. CyberScout will approve within 24 hours.

How to Access CyberScout Plan Library

1. Go to Benefits, click on Add Plan, select the CyberScout library.

2. Choose either the Voluntary or Employer-paid plans and remove the others.  You should be adding two plans to the portal.

3. Enter the Plan Effective Date and then click Add Library.

4. From here you will need to open each CyberScout plan and customize the eligibility tab for your company.

Once the plan is added and employees have elected benefits, the enrollment data can be submitted to CyberScout in EaseCentral. The first submission is completed in EaseCentral, and scheduled reports with changes will be automatically sent on a regular basis.

How to Enable the Data Feed for a Group

1. Select Benefits on the left-hand navigation

2. Select Partners from the top navigation

3. Click on Manage by CyberScout

4. Select Next

5. Select Add Submission

6. Choose Plans to Submit (In this case it would be the two Identity Theft plans)

7. Select Submit to Partner

And you're done! Questions? Comments? Please contact CyberScout at justin@cyberscout.com for assistance.