Benefit plans may be copied within plan types and from year to year. Once copied, details may be changed/updated to reflect the new plan.

To speed up the renewal preparation process, duplicating a plan not only adds the plan to the Previous Plan field of the plan Profile, it copies the plan details, eligibility, contributions, rates, forms and documents to the new plan.

When adding a benefit plan by duplicating the previous year's plan, Renewal Assist allows you to push previous enrollment to the new plan.


  • To ensure that the Enrollment Change Report is correct, when duplicating a plan and NOT pushing previous enrollment, return to its Plan Profile and remove the reference to a previous plan.
  • The Enrollment Changes report compares the employee’s enrollment in the previous plan with their current enrollment.
    • If there is a plan change or tier change, they are listed in the Enrollment Changes report.
    • If the employee enrolls in the same plan and at the same tier, they will not show up on the report.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Complete initial information as directed in Adding Plans.
  2. Scroll to and select the plan to be duplicated from the drop menu next to Duplicate Plan.
  3. Click Add Plan.
  4. Once the new plan has been created, make changes to reflect the current year.
    • For example, a medical plan is basically the same plan, however, the deductible was raised from $3,000 to $3,500; access the plan details and edit the deductible.
    • While eligibility and forms may remain the same year to year, verify/edit rates, contributions and documents as they change more often than not for certain plan types.