The Renewal Assist feature is currently available for Agency and Enterprise subscription holders only.

When adding a benefit plan and duplicating the previous year's plan, Renewal Assist allows you to push previous enrollment to the new plan.

If you would like to duplicate a plan without pushing enrollment, see Duplicate Plan.

How this feature works:

Pushing enrollment with Duplicate Plan using the Renewal Assist:

(1) During Open Enrollment, shows employees enrolled in the current plan that most represents the plan they were enrolled in the previous year.

  • Employees retain the option to switch to another plan.

(2) If the employee chooses to remain in the duplicate plan, the Enrollment Change Report will not include a reference to their enrollment as it is not interpreted as a change.

  • However, if the employee switches plans, as always, the Enrollment Change Report will reflect that change.

(3) For plans set up as required enrollment or employer paid and are enrolled using a carrier specified report/spreadsheet, brokers can easily provide this information without requiring employees to access their portal and enroll.

  • For example, life insurance provided to all employees and 100% employer paid.
  • This is especially helpful when a benefit is effective on a date other than that of the plans included in Open Enrollment.



  • If this is the first year you are using EaseCentral, (1) previous plans must be built in the portal and (2) enrollment details must be present for the previous year plans before you can Duplicate and Push.
  • Previous year enrollment may be imported using an Employee Import Template with columns denoted with "Import ID [ID #]" for each plan for which enrollment is to be imported.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Complete Duplicate Plan steps 1 and 2.
  • Once a duplicate plan has been selected, mark Yes, Duplicate & Push Enrollment to this new Plan 
  • Click Add Plan.
  • Enrollment from the previous plan has been added to the duplicated plan.