The Excel Document is commonly used when assisting employees with enrollment or with a mail merge template. It is very important that these documents are stored and shared in a secure manner as they contain private information.


  • Passwords assigned do not expire.
  • Employees with email addresses should always be sent logins from the Logins page by clicking Actions > Send Logins.
  • It is not recommended that Excel Documents are generated for employees with email addresses.

Step by Step Instructions:

1.    From the Logins page, select employees Without Login.

2.    Mark the box next to the employee name for whom to generate a guide.

  • Be sure that the employee does not have an email address listed.
  • To select all employees, mark box next to Name header.

3.    Click Actions.

4.    Click Generate Excel Document.

  • A message pops up listing how many employees will be included.

5.    Click Generate.