View a quick video about how to add employees in to EaseCentral, or read the instructions below.

Employees can be added manually:

1.    Choose Actions > Add Employee in the Employees page.

  • This is an easy option when adding a small amount of employees during implementation or when adding newly hired employees after implementation.




2.     Enter the employee's NAME, Employee TYPE and LOCATION.

3.    On the next screen you will have the option of adding employee demographic and work-related information. 

SSN, if known

BIRTH DATE, for rate purposes

ADDRESS, if known



EID. We recommend updating this to the employee's SSN



Any additional company organization groups that are used like Location, Job Class, Division, etc.

HIRE DATE, for benefit effective date purposes for new hires

SCHEDULED HOURS, this will be required if the plans are set up with minimum Scheduled Hours

PAY CYCLE, to show per-pay period deductions

REMAINING PAY PERIODS, should be entered for any new hire employee hired mid year when FSA plans are available so annual elections will be divided by the remaining pay period

COMPENSATION, may be used for salary-based benefit calculations 

COMPENSATION TYPE, to confirm whether Salary or Hourly 

EMAIL, to send login information

  • Visit Employee Fields help desk solution to learn more about each employee field.

4.    Once the employee is added, send login information to the employee in the Employee > Profile > Actions > Login page or the Company > Logins > Actions > Send Logins page.