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To add or update employee enrollment elections for a group or all employees, you can choose to import using a template/census. Importing Elections prior to rolling out EaseCentral to employees is optional.

Examples of when to use an import for elections:

  • During a passive open enrollment, if the employer is sponsoring the plans, for example Life Insurance, elections may be imported.
  • To establish current enrollment for comparison during your first open enrollment, import current enrollment.
  • Employees can view their current elections and decide to keep their elections or make changes.



  • Import files must be in .csv format.
    • An Excel file can be saved in .csv format by choosing Save As and selecting the Comma Separated Values (.csv) option.
  • You cannot import changes to an employee's First Name, Last Name, SSN or email address.
    • These changes must be made manually in order to ensure the integrity of the data.
  • The Employees > Actions > Generate Census option generates an employee census file containing demographic and work-related information.
    • Enrollments are not included in this census.
  • Enrollment reports can be generated from Benefits > Reports.

1.    Select an import template.

2.    Enter information to be imported.

  • EID, First Name, Last Name and Relationship must appear in all lines to be imported.
  • Each plan must be represented with an Import ID in a separate column.
    • Volume-based plans, such as life, STD or LTD should include enrollment volume versus “enrolled” or “waived” for each employee.

3.    If you do not wish to manually add all details to a blank template, export a census or enrollment report to use as your starting point.

  • See notes above.

4.    Delete columns/rows containing non-essential information.

  • EID, First and Last Name and Relationship must appear in all lines to be imported.

5.    Save the file on your computer in Comma Separated Values (.csv) format.

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