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Voluntary Life and AD&D may be offered to employees and their dependents.


  • Life and AD&D plans can be added separately in the Voluntary Life plan type and Voluntary AD&D plan type. However, if employees automatically receive AD&D and at the same coverage amount as Life the best practice is to combine into one plan and add in the Voluntary Life/AD&D.
  • Required Enrollment should not be selected since the plan is Voluntary.


To set up a Voluntary Life Plan Profile, see the following:

Choosing Benefits and Employee Benefits

Adding Plan Minimum, Maximum, Guaranteed Issue and Rounding

Age Reduction and Spouse Age

Spouse and Child Benefit



If dependents are eligible:

1.    Select Spouse and/or Children in the ELIGIBILITY section.

2.    Spouse- and Children-specific fields appear in the PROFILE page and coverage amounts can be adjusted per dependent.



1.    Enter the rate for the employee, spouse, and children if they apply. 

  • For combined Life/AD&D plans, the AD&D rate should be added to the Life rate and entered in the rate table.
  • DEPENDENTS RATE can be used for plans that offer one rate regardless of whether the spouse, or child(ren), or a combination of spouse and children are enrolled.
    • This rate typically does not apply and can be left blank.

2.    All rates, including the Spouse, Children, or Dependent Rate will be based off the PER UNIT amount that's entered in this page.

  • When adding a Life/AD&D plan for employees, spouses and children, the carrier may provide rates based on inconsistent units. If the plan will be set up for Spouse and Child Life coverage, it is a best practice to calculate all rates provided by the carrier into rates per $1000.

3.    Return to the Benefit Profile, select BASE SPOUSE AGE OFF EMPLOYEE AGE if this applies.

  • Otherwise the system calculates the rate according to the spouse's age.


  • Either Tier or Table Contribution Types can be used.

As this plan type is voluntary, contributions are normally set as EMPLOYEE and 100% for everyone.

However, an employer may choose to contribute to a voluntary plan. If so, you can choose either EMPLOYEE or EMPLOYER and add the applicable percentage or amount.

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