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Short Term and Long Term Disability plans may be offered as company-paid or voluntary. Available Types include: Short Term Disability, Short Term Disability Buy-up, Voluntary Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Long Term Disability Buy-up and Voluntary Long Term Disability.  See plan summary for details.


  • Buy-up plans are offered if a company-paid plan is provided with the option of adding additional coverage on a voluntary basis is offered.
  • Disability plans are generally employee only and not offered to dependents.



To set up a Disability Plan Profile, see the following:

Choosing Benefits and Employee Benefits

Adding Plan Minimum, Maximum, Guaranteed Issue and Rounding

Elimination Period




  1. In Min Age, enter the minimum age an employee must reach to be eligible for STD or LTD coverage.
  2. In Through Age, enter the maximum age an employee can reach to remain eligible for STD or LTD coverage.
  3. Age Determination rules may apply. See Age Determination Options for details.


Rate is determined per unit and based on either a benefit or earnings amount.

  • RATE TYPE options include:
    • Tier for large group composite plans. Tier-Table is used for plans that use different rates for ages and coverage tiers.
    • Table is used for plans that use different rates for the ages of each participant.
    • All ages are based on the Age Determination rule on the Plan Eligibility page.
  • In some cases, the RATE ADJUSTMENT FACTOR is based on a carrier's Risk Adjustment Factor and is different than 1.0.
    • If this is the case, you would choose Total Rate.
    • The RAF would then be imported into the BENEFIT COST FACTOR field in each employee's Profile > Coverage page.

  1. Add RATE ADJUSTMENT FACTOR if applicable.
  2. Add PER UNIT cost.
  3. For RATE BASIS, choose on what basis the PER UNIT is determined.
  4. Choose appropriate RATE TYPE as Tier, Table or Tier-Table.
  5. Add Rate.


  • Either Tier or Table Contribution Types can be used.

  1. Choose Employer or Employee as CONTRIBUTION TYPE.
  2. Choose either Tier or Table as CONTRIBUTION DETAIL.
  3. Add Contribution as a percentage or dollar amount.
  4. Add Employer Max as a dollar amount.
    • This can be used if the employer pays a percentage of the premium but only up to a maximum $ amount.
  5. If an employer has chosen to provide a specified initial contribution for employees, add it in EMPLOYER PAYS INITIAL BENEFIT AMOUNT.

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