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To set up a Critical Illness Plan Profile, see the following:

Choosing Benefits and Employee Benefits

Adding Plan Minimum, Maximum, Guaranteed Issue and Rounding

Age Reduction and Spouse Age



If dependents are eligible:

  1. Select Spouse and/or Children in the ELIGIBILITY section.
  2. Spouse- and Children-specific fields appear in the PROFILE page and coverage amounts can be adjusted per dependent.


  • Rates are generally offered PER UNIT on a basis of either a benefit or employee earnings amount.
  • If rates are not determined until after enrollment or should not be displayed to employees as they enroll, the HIDE RATES > Hide rates from employees option can be selected.
  • Critical Illness plans may include additional rates for the employee, spouse, children or dependents as a whole.
  • Rates may be added as Tier, Table or Tier-Table.
  • Critical Illness plans may require separate Tobacco and Non-Tobacco user rates.
  • To import Custom Rates for complicated rate structures, see¬†Import Custom Rates.

  1. Add the RATE ADJUSTMENT FACTOR if applicable.
  2. Add PER UNIT amount.
  3. Choose either Benefit Amount for Earnings Amount for RATE BASIS.
  4. Add additional rates as needed.
  5. Choose RATE TYPE as Tier or Table.
  6. Add rates.


  • Either Tier or Table Contribution Types can be used.

  1. Choose Employer or Employee as CONTRIBUTION TYPE.
  2. Choose either Tier or Table as CONTRIBUTION DETAIL.
  3. Add Contribution as a percentage or dollar amount.
  4. If an employer has chosen to provide a specified initial contribution for employees, add it in EMPLOYER PAYS INITIAL BENEFIT AMOUNT.

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